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B & B2 - Alt-A and Non-Prime (Full & Alt Doc), DSCR, and Foreign National
G - Portfolio Alt-A and Non-Prime (Full & Alt Doc) Niches
F - Alt-A Full Doc
F - Prime Bk Stmt, Alt-A Alt Doc
F - DSCR & Foreign National
A5 - Alt-A (Full & Alt Doc) and DSCR
A1, A2 & A7 - DSCR
A1, A2, A7 & A10 Alt-A (Full & Alt-Doc)
H - Super Jumbo, Alt-A, Alt-A Plus, ITIN, Foreign National, 1-4 Unit DSCR, 2-8 Mixed-Used and 5-10 Unit DSCR
J - Alt-A Alt Doc
J - Alt-A DSCR
B3 - Alt-A, Non-Prime A+ & A-, DSCR and Foreign National